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Solvent Coating

  • Environmental Friendly Solvent Coating

    Environmental Friendly Solvent Coating

    Food processing industry Chemical/pharmaceutical industry Power stations Hospital The ground on the first floor Basement, underground parking lot Some humid environments requiring dust and wear resistance. Advantages: Completely water based system With no organic solvent... Contact Now
  • Advantages Solvent Coating

    Advantages Solvent Coating

    The price showing here only for your reference,It is may not the final actual transaction price,due to raw material costs and exchange rate changes frequently, also your requirements(includes but is not limited to the specification, model, workmanship,quantity per time,... Contact Now
  • Multi-Function Solvent Coating

    Multi-Function Solvent Coating

    1,High quality polyurethane wood paint 2,Professional manufacturer 3,Fast delivery time 4,Good service team 1,It is forbidden to pour the material into the Original packages even it is unused ; 2,Construction to be dry and well ventilated, Far away from the fire source;... Contact Now
  • Industrial Solvent Based Coating

    Industrial Solvent Based Coating

    Anti dust paint concrete epoxy floor coating for the need to provide a high degree of clean, sterile and good resistance to chemical corrosion, mechanical wear and easy to clean the place. Typical use of epoxy self leveling floor paint, including electronic products factory,... Contact Now
  • Pollution Management Solvent Coating

    Pollution Management Solvent Coating

    1.Mas tics, Construction and Flooring Adhesives 2.High Solids Solvent Borne Alkyd Based Coatings 3.Li tho Printing Inks 4.Aluminum Paint 5.Rubber Goods and Tires Eco-friendly floor paint solvent free epoxy flooring coating also known as functional type of ground decoration... Contact Now
  • High Soilds Solvent Based Coating

    High Soilds Solvent Based Coating

    1.The concrete surface must be very smooth, or the whole coating appearance will be affected, because the whole system is transparent. Grind the surface first when necessary. 2.Control the added quantity of colorant. 4-6% of MDS600A will be enough, or the artistic effect... Contact Now
  • Water and Solvent Based Coating

    Water and Solvent Based Coating

    1.Seamless, non-dusty and easy to clean 2.Solvent-free and environmental 3.Corrosion-resistance dense surface 4.A large range of colors for choice. It is mainly used for areas where have compression & wearing resistance and anti-dust requirements, such as industry... Contact Now
  • Solvent Based Polyurethane Waterproofing Coating

    Solvent Based Polyurethane Waterproofing Coating

    Applied to waterproofing of industrial plants, large building roofs, cold storage moistureproof coating, dam, bridge, underground engineering, sewage treatment facility, natatorium and power station. FAQ 1.Q: Are you a factory or trading company? A: We are a factory. 2.Q:... Contact Now
  • Solvent Based Outdoor Coating for High Building

    Solvent Based Outdoor Coating for High Building

    The A component is affected by moisture and must be protected from moisture contamination. Containers are factory sealed with an inert gas to prevent contamination. Keep all containers tightly closed during storage. For further storage after opening, containers must be purged... Contact Now
  • Solvent Based Acrylic Coating

    Solvent Based Acrylic Coating

    The coating system consists of amine-terminated polyether resin, amine chain extender and MDI prepolymer, belongs to spraying quick cured polyurea and has dense and tough coatings and high elasticity and high strength. It needs seven days for the polyurea coating to be... Contact Now
  • Solvent Based Coating for Construction

    Solvent Based Coating for Construction

    1.Remove salts and other water soluble contaminants with fresh water. 2.Remove oil in accordance with the solvent cleaning standard SSPC-SP1. 3.Remove rust and scale by sand blasting to ISO Sa 2.5 (SSPC-SP10) Contact Now
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