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Analysis of the status quo of summer highway reflective paint construction
Sep 10, 2018

August is the concentration period of high temperature in summer. In fact, high temperature is not the only label in summer, and it is rainy and humid. It is precisely because of this that summer has a greater impact on the construction of highway reflective paint.

In summer, the surface temperature is high, the sun is shining directly, and the air humidity is high. This is undoubtedly a big challenge for highway reflective paints with high temperature and humidity requirements. It is not suitable for construction on rainy days. I believe this can be understood without explanation. At the same time, it is guaranteed that it will not be rained for at least 6 hours after construction. Otherwise, the damage to the reflective paint is irreversible. Then, in the case of the hot sun, it is also not suitable for the construction of reflective paint; because under the strong ultraviolet radiation, the temperature of the surface of the substrate is very high, and this is the coating of the reflective paint drying very fast, and if the performance of the diluent If it is unstable, it may even be difficult to pull the brush when it is painted.

In addition, the high-speed highway reflective paint construction, even if successful, after drying, the paint layer is prone to orange peel, wrinkles, pinholes, blistering and other defects. At the same time, under high temperature conditions, this is also a very big challenge and loss for the physical quality of the construction workers. It is not suitable for outdoor work when the temperature exceeds 35 °C, and it is not suitable for construction around summer noon, easy to heat stroke. inverted.

In the summer, the construction of highway reflective paint should also prevent some small flying insects from smearing the paint. The small insects are attached to the surface of the paint layer, which not only affects the appearance of the paint, but also easily damages the paint layer. Therefore, the construction of reflective paint in summer is a very challenging operation.