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How do you use your reflective paint thinner in summer?
Sep 10, 2018

Reflective paint and thinner, this is a happy family, I believe that many construction teams love and hate. why? Because the reflective paint is inseparable from the thinner, but the amount of thinner is very critical during the preparation; more, the reflective paint is too thin, can not be properly attached, easy to sag; less, reflective paint is too thick, not conducive to construction operations, Reflective effects will also be affected. It has not been easy to deploy, and with the influence of the seasonal climate, it is hard to say. Today, Xiaobian will take you to understand how to use the reflective paint thinner in the summer.

In the summer, especially when the temperature is relatively high and the humidity is high, the construction of the reflective paint is carried out. The selection of the thinner is very important. Therefore, it is better to use the summer special thinner matched with the reflective paint. This is not to worry about the speed of the volatilization, which affects the appearance of the paint film, and can avoid many defects caused by summer construction. In the face of the uneven thinner products on the market, customers must polish their eyes. It is strongly recommended to use the thinner from the same manufacturer as the reflective paint to avoid the use of inferior thinners, resulting in precipitation of reflective paint. Dissolve, reduce the weather resistance and luminous effect of the reflective paint.