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How to reduce the amount of paint on the barrier reflective paint?
Sep 10, 2018

Before buying the reflective paint for the guardrail, many people are used to asking, how much area can 1 kg of paint be brushed? So, how do you reduce the amount of paint consumed in the theoretical painting area?

1. Plan the construction before the construction operation, arrange the construction time reasonably, avoid the time-critical problem, and cause the construction workers to brush up in a large amount of paint in order to catch up with the progress, and this will also make the fence The quality of the reflective paint is not guaranteed.

2. The cleaning treatment of the surface of the construction substrate should be in place. Excessive impurities and foreign matter adhering to the surface will increase the amount of paint consumed and affect the painting effect.

3. The nozzle should be of appropriate size to avoid wasting paint.

4. Pay attention to the temperature during construction, generally 5 ° C -35 ° C is better. Spring, summer and autumn are relatively suitable for the construction of reflective varnish.