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Is the substrate treatment done before your reflective paint is done?
Sep 10, 2018

Today, I will discuss with you, in the summer, prepare the reflective paints on the surface of several main substrates.

The first thing that deserves to be well is the cement concrete substrate, which is one of the very wide substrates currently used in reflective paints. The surface of the cement concrete substrate often adheres to some dust particles and impurities, which can be directly cleaned and wiped off. Then, if it is just raining, can the reflective paint be applied if the surface seems to have dried up? The answer is definitely not because cement concrete has a special structure and has a certain water storage capacity. Therefore, if it is raining, it must be exposed to the sun for at least 6 hours before reflective varnish construction, so that it will not be completely dry. It has an adverse effect on the painted reflective paint.

The second is the wooden substrate, which is also very important for drying problems. The normal water content is preferably below 7%, so that the painted reflective paint is not prone to dry cracking and blistering. If the water content of the substrate is high, it is easy to affect the gloss of the reflective paint due to foaming, thereby affecting the reflective effect.

Then there is the substrate of steel and metal. The metal substrate is slightly more troublesome than other substrates, because in addition to removing surface stains and embroidered stains, it is necessary to apply an anticorrosive primer before applying the reflective paint. Brush. In summer, the air humidity is relatively large, and the metal surface should be painted immediately after the surface is cleaned to avoid rusting. Also, a general metal substrate uses a two-component reflective varnish.