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See how environmental issues have intensified the reshuffle of the Reflective paints industry
Sep 10, 2018

Regarding environmental protection issues, whether it is a Reflective paints company, other coatings companies, or other chemical companies are common topics. It seems that the reshuffle of the Reflective paint industry brought about by environmental problems is inevitable. It depends on how the hand is washed.

At present, domestic coatings mainly include architectural coatings, powder coatings, automotive coatings, wood coatings, industrial protective coatings, marine coatings and coil coatings, etc., where architectural coatings account for more than 30%. In the past few years, architectural coatings have been the first to complete oil-to-water conversion, but other coatings accounted for a relatively low proportion. Like Reflective paints, as far as current technology is concerned, water-based solvent-based alternatives have not been completed. . China's coatings industry is a completely competitive industry. The number of companies in the industry is very large. Compared with the global coatings industry, the concentration is relatively low. However, with the continuous improvement of residents' living standards, the constant changes in consumer attitudes, the increasing emphasis on health, the improvement of environmental awareness, and the gradual improvement of environmental regulations, the survival of the fittest of Reflective paints has been intensified. Some small and medium-sized micro-Reflective paints companies have gradually lost their ability to invest large-scale in the field of coatings and environmental protection in the face of financial pressure, shortcomings in technology and low brand awareness. The improvement of environmental regulations and reflective paint product standards has accelerated the industry's reshuffle process and triggered the market to concentrate on big brands.

In the future, the development trend of the Reflective paint industry is undoubtedly toward the environmental protection direction. Now, in addition to the traditional technology, the new environmentally friendly coatings of the Reflective paints market are increasingly favored by consumers. In the future, the product structure optimization of the Reflective paints market will be more obvious, and environmental protection will inevitably contribute to the industry's major reshuffle.