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What is the pinhole problem of tunnel reflective paint?
Sep 10, 2018

The tunnel reflective paint is very prone to pinhole problems when the substrate is not cleaned and the amount of diluent added is unreasonable. There is also a short interval between the primer and the topcoat, which is the leveling time of the paint layer in the industry. Because the primer is not completely dry, the process of volatilization of the diluent is prone to bubbles, and the pinhole problem occurs after the crack. . Then correspondingly, because the pinhole problem of the tunnel reflective paint is mainly caused by improper construction, therefore, Xiaobian elaborates on the construction process of the tunnel reflective paint.

1. The substrate is cleaned. If there are oil stains and oil stains attached to the surface of the substrate, you can add a thinner to wipe.

2. When the surface of the substrate is completely dry, open the reflective paint lid and add the thinner in a ratio of 10:1. In summer, because the temperature is high, you can add a little more on the basis of this ratio to avoid the evaporation of the diluent too fast. Adding difficulties to construction.

3. When brushing, pay attention to the “one” shape and brush it in one direction. Do not brush repeatedly to avoid the paint layer is too thick, resulting in poor drying and pinholes.

4. After the primer is applied, it is recommended to apply the topcoat for about 1 hour to allow the primer to have sufficient drying time.

Regardless of the pinhole or other defects in the tunnel reflective paint, first check whether the construction process is correct. Of course, buying a good brand of tunnel reflective paint is also critical.