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What should I do with the reflective paint on the road painted on the construction site?
Sep 10, 2018

A lot of bubbles of different sizes appeared on the surface of the lacquer layer of the substrate, and some of the bubbles even broke into needle-like holes. So why is this happening? How to avoid it?

First of all, the reason for the bubble may be that air or water vapor is mixed in the paint layer, and then bubbles are formed on the paint layer. Another situation is that the surface of the road paint is dried faster than the bottom layer, so on the surface layer. Condensation has begun, but the underlying thinner or air continues to evaporate and then bubbles are created. No matter what, it is inseparable from the following factors: the surface of the substrate is not cleaned, impurities are attached; the amount of diluent added is unreasonable; the road reflective paint is too thick; the bubbles generated by the road reflective paint during mixing Not eliminated and so on.

So how can you avoid bubbles? The cleaning of the substrate should be taken seriously, and not too casual. The thinner needs to be properly formulated to avoid excessive viscosity of the road reflective paint. After the paint is stirred, it is allowed to stand for a while, and the air bubbles to be stirred disappear before the construction is carried out. The thickness of the paint layer of the reflective paint is carefully grasped and the thickness is uniform. It is very important to carry out the construction operation according to the construction code. Too casual will only cause waste.