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Why is it important to choose a thinner for red and white reflective paint?
Sep 10, 2018

With the improvement of the living standards of the residents, there are now cars in the basic households, and refueling is also a common practice. The better cars are generally added with the number 98, and the ordinary cars are generally added with the number 92. This is like the red and white reflective paint and thinner that we will talk about next. The good car plus the 92 can also be opened normally, but it will affect the performance of the car; the ordinary car plus the 98 is also OK. Just no need for that. In the different climatic seasons, red and white reflective paints are also thinner with similar composition. Like summer, the temperature is higher. When the thinner is debugged, it will be adjusted slowly. On the contrary, in winter, red and white reflective paint will be added. The thinner will be quicker to debug.

In general, thinner is a volatile liquid used to dissolve and dilute the reflective paint. It can be used to adjust the viscosity of the reflective paint to promote the smooth application of the reflective paint. Various organic liquids such as resin and cellulose film-forming substances are the main components of the diluent. When the diluent is formulated, the solubility and volatilization speed of various organic solvents vary greatly, so it must be based on various reflective paints. Composition and performance, using solvent theory for formulation. Therefore, the choice of thinner is extremely important for red and white reflective paint, because it not only affects the appearance of red and white reflective paint, but also has a crucial impact on its performance.