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The Road Surface Paint

  • Surface Coating for Construction

    Surface Coating for Construction

    Thermoplastic road marking paint color: yellow or white and can be OEM color when quantity is over 3tons packing: 25kg/poly bag melt temperature: 180-200ºC dry time: in 10min's equipment need: thermoplastic preheat-er and road marking machine suitable for both concert or... Contact Now
  • White Surface Coating

    White Surface Coating

    The component of thermoplastic road marking paint : synthetic resin, glass bead, pigment, additive, etc. Synthetic resin.Thermal plasticity and hot melt , make the road strong adhesive Additives. Increase coating plasticity, resist deposition, anti-pollution and... Contact Now
  • Road Execution Surface Paint

    Road Execution Surface Paint

    The product is made of thermoplastic resins, pigments,bone, additives,glass beads Range of use(s) city road & highway Heated to a temperature of molten construct in 180°C- 220°C Package Packed in 25kgs paper bag, pp bag or paper and pp compounding bags; 17MT without... Contact Now
  • Surface Coating with Free Sample

    Surface Coating with Free Sample

    High skid resistance Weathering resistance. Good luminosity and visibility. Fast drying speed. Strong adhesion Application Notes: 1.Control the temperature between 170-190°C. 2.The road surface must be clean, dry and free from wax, grease, oil etc. 3.The road surface... Contact Now
  • Hot Selling Surface Coating

    Hot Selling Surface Coating

    Cold Solvent Road Marking Paint consists of Cold Acrylic resin, colored aggregate, filler material and etc. Solvent road marking paint (white/yellow) is suitable for application to bituminous and concrete roads. It can be successfully applied to airless or air auxiliary... Contact Now
  • Yellow Surface Coating

    Yellow Surface Coating

    Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint consists of light colored aggregate (silica sand), pigment, glass beads, binders, filler material (calcium carbonate), EVA and they are all held together with petroleum resin. 1) Higher adhesive strength : Special elastomer is added in our... Contact Now
  • Colorfast Surface Coating

    Colorfast Surface Coating

    Product introduction: composed of acrylic resin, plasticize, yan (filling), solvent composition. Quick drying, water resistance, abrasion, and adhesion on the surface of the cement, steel, wood. Is suitable decoration to the road and all kinds of traffic signs. Main... Contact Now
  • Anti Frozen Additives Surface Coating

    Anti Frozen Additives Surface Coating

    Specific gravity: 1.25-1.75 ( depend on colors) Particle size distribution(Laser Particle size analyse): Less than 5% above 100μm;50-65% above 32 μm Average particle size:35-45 μm Curing Schedule: 200°C 10minutes Optimal film thickness: 60-80μm 8-12 square meters/kg,... Contact Now
  • Heat Resisting Surface Coating

    Heat Resisting Surface Coating

    Wrinkle finish powder coatings with highly decorative ripple-pattern finishes available in any of powder chemistry types e.g. epoxy, polyester, epoxy polyester and polyurethane . In certain applications this finish is chosen due to its ability to hide substrate defects. The... Contact Now
  • The Road Surface Paint for Construction

    The Road Surface Paint for Construction

    Forming good, strong resistance Colorful, weatherproof high The drying speed is fast advantages: 1.High visibility: Special formation improves the reflective effect, even though at rain night. 2.Vibration: There will be strong vibration when vehicle passing by, which may... Contact Now
  • Corrosion Resistance Road Surface Paint

    Corrosion Resistance Road Surface Paint

    Special formulation for line marking paint. Traffic, hydrocarbons and bad weather. Fast dry time. Available in 7 colors Application areas: automotive, landscaping, outdoor power Equipment, industrial maintenance, heavy goods vehicule, construction and public works, mechanics,... Contact Now
  • Anti Slip Road Surface Paint

    Anti Slip Road Surface Paint

    The practical coating consumption is decided by the size and shape of the items to be coated and application environment. Normally, the paint loss constant is : brush 1.4, spray 1.7 of the theoretic value. Brush or spray at a same direction quickly. Prohibit painting back and... Contact Now
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