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How To Avoid Bubble Defects In Road-specific Reflective Paint During Construction?
Sep 10, 2018

We often say that the three-point paint is divided into seven divisions. This sentence is really suitable for the special reflective paint for roads. Whether it is to be satisfied with the reflective effect or to avoid defects, construction is a very important part. This is not the case, including the phenomenon of air bubbles that are easy to appear on road-specific reflective paints, and can be avoided by strengthening construction management.

In the construction of special reflective paint for highways, it is necessary to prevent adverse weather conditions such as excessive temperature and humidity. The humidity of the surface of the construction substrate should be maintained at a dew point temperature of 3 ° C or higher and a relative humidity of less than 85%. If it is exposed to rain or condensation, frosting, etc. before construction, it must be exposed to the sun for at least 6 hours, and the surface is completely dry before it can be painted. Pay attention to control the thickness of the paint layer when painting; after the surface of the construction substrate has been cleaned, the appearance must be clean, and no impurities such as electrolytes, dust, grease, etc. affecting the adhesion of the road special reflective paint; the use and storage of reflective paint Whenever possible, prevent high temperature and humid environment and avoid contact with moisture; when the coated substrate is porous and uneven, the corresponding primer should be applied first to remove the residual air and oil residue in the hole.