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How To Distinguish The Authenticity Of Reflective Paint?
Sep 07, 2018

Solar reflectance is an important indicator of reflective coatings, but the average user cannot detect the results. How to identify true and false reflective paint? Some companies that use reflective coating products to "guide" the use of electric lights or boiling water as a heat source to verify the reflective heat insulation effect of their products are actually wrong. The solar heat reflected by reflective paint is the heat contained in sunlight. Light waves are completely different from the heat sources of electric lights and boiling water. Consumers should not be deceived.

Verification method of authentic reflection coating

A. Detection of insulation effect

1. Clean the 2m2 cement floor with clean water first, and apply reflective heat-insulating paint according to the coating construction requirements;

2. After ten days, choose sunny weather, let the sun shine for 3 hours, then test the center position of the coating with a contact digital thermometer. The surface temperature is basically the same as the outdoor atmospheric temperature, that is, the coating is hardly Absorbs solar heat. False reflective coatings, because of the absorption of solar heat, the coating temperature will be higher than the air temperature by more than 10 degrees.

B. Identification of adhesion

1. After the product is applied for 10 days, rinse the coating with water for 30 minutes, scrub with a tooth rub, and the high-quality reflective paint will not wear out. After the inferior product is washed by water, it will fall off after rubbing.

2. When the project case is selected, the project that has been completed for more than three years is selected for actual inspection on a sunny day. The fake reflective paint has no heat insulation effect and most of it falls off.

C. The difference between ordinary white exterior paint

The ordinary white exterior wall paint with good hiding power is applied to the concrete floor. In the first five days, the solar reflectivity can reach 80%, which has a certain heat insulation effect. However, under the action of solar radiation, the reflectivity will drop significantly after ten days, and will fall below 40% after half a year, which is almost the same as the reflectivity of the cement floor. Almost all such pseudo-reflective coatings are produced in unlicensed and unlicensed underground factories. The production location is not indicated on the packaging drum, or the name of the manufacturer that does not exist is written.