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Reasons For The Weak Adhesion Of Red And White Reflective Paints And Solutions
Sep 10, 2018

Red and white reflective paints are naturally peeled off without any reason after being affected by external force or after painting. This is usually a manifestation of the weak adhesion of red and white reflective paints. This will not only affect the aesthetics of the reflective paint, but also create a fatal blow to the service life of the reflective paint. So what is the cause? How to solve it?

Reason 1: The construction substrate was not completely dried, and the construction was carried out with the substrate containing more water. This is often emphasized during construction guidance. Normal outdoor weather has experienced rainfall, and the substrate needs to be exposed to at least 6 hours before the red and white reflective paint construction operation. It is better to have no rainfall for 6 hours after the completion of construction.

Reason 2: The substrate to be applied was not clean and there were many impurities attached, which resulted in poor adhesion of the paint layer after the construction of the red and white reflective paint. The surface of the substrate must be cleaned in place. If there is excessive oil and impurities, consider using a thinner to wipe the substrate. After cleaning, keep it dry.

Reason 3: No primer was used. Compared with high-strength reflective paint, the one-time reflective paint is relatively poor in adhesion. Therefore, it is recommended to use a primer + top coat combination for red and white reflective paint construction. This not only has good adhesion, but also enhances red. Weather resistance, color persistence, and reflective effects of white reflective paint.