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What Are The Five Major Factors That Easily Cause Defects In Reflective Paints In Transportation Facilities?
Sep 10, 2018

With the increasing frequency of Reflective paints used in transportation facilities, and related defects, the details of the defects have been analyzed before and after, and today, the five major factors that cause these defects occur. .

1. Reflective paint itself, Reflective paint is made of resin, pigment, filler, additives and other raw materials, product performance is also the composition of a variety of different raw materials, and thus achieve complementary effects. If the formulation of Reflective paints for traffic facilities is unreasonable, problems arise in the use of raw materials, and leakage occurs in the production process, it is very easy to cause defects in Reflective paints.

2. The nature of the construction substrate, the performance of different construction substrates are different, so there are many factors that constitute defects; different construction substrates need to be treated differently before construction, if you do not pay attention to this detail The problem is also the cause of the defects in the Reflective paints of traffic facilities.

3. Construction process factors, after avoiding the Reflective paint itself and the factors of the construction substrate, the defects are mostly caused by unreasonable design of the painting process and not strictly implemented. The painting process referred to here includes the details of the painting process, the methods and tools used in each process, and the like. For example, whether the primer and the topcoat are matched, whether the Reflective paint of the traffic facilities and the thinner are matched, whether the ratio is reasonable, the strength when painting, and the like.

4. Construction environment factors, reflective facilities for traffic facilities have certain requirements for the construction environment, including the temperature and humidity of the environment. Under normal circumstances, the construction environment temperature of Reflective paints should be between 5 °C and 35 °C. The relative humidity is preferably kept below 85%. Whether it is too high or too low, it will cause defects in Reflective paints.

5. Construction personnel factors, the construction of Reflective paints needs to have certain theoretical experience, and it is necessary to be very careful and careful during construction, and pay attention to some changes of Reflective paints in order to adjust the construction operation.