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What Are The Primers And Topcoats For The Anti-collision Reflective Paint?
Sep 10, 2018

Anti-collision pierning paint primer: generally acts to strengthen the adhesion of the topcoat, and the reflective paint penetrates too much into the substrate to be applied, thereby affecting the adhesion of the reflective paint. The anti-collision stud paint primer is also commonly referred to as a color lacquer. In addition to enhancing adhesion, it also increases the weatherability of the varnish.

Anti-collision pier reflective paint finish: The so-called top coat is the layer after the Zui brushing, which contains reflective crystals, which has the characteristics of significant reflection and strong wear resistance.

The combination of primer and topcoat can enhance the color durability, weather resistance and wear resistance of the reflective paint. At the same time, compared with the one-time anti-collision reflective paint, one more painting process is also more expensive in terms of price. high. Therefore, many customers have concerns when purchasing, and they worry that they have spent the price but have not achieved the desired effect. Now, don't worry, there will be a lacquer for you to escort, so that you can buy peace of mind, with peace of mind.