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What Is The Paint Granule Of The High-speed Toll Station Reflective Paint?
Sep 10, 2018

What is the particle of the high-speed toll station reflective paint? The particles here do not refer to the reflective crystal, but to the foreign matter appearing on the surface of the paint layer. This usually happens for several reasons:

1. During the construction process, foreign matter such as gravel and dust is mixed into the paint bucket, resulting in particles appearing in the reflective paint layer of the high-speed toll station after painting.

2. The construction environment is unclean and foreign matter adheres to the painting tool.

3. The substrate to be applied is not thoroughly cleaned, and sand particles are attached to the surface.

4. The high-speed toll station reflective varnish appeared agglomerated, without adding appropriate diluent to stir evenly, resulting in agglomerated particles in the paint layer after painting.

The problem of granules of reflective varnish once again confirms the importance of construction for the performance of reflective varnish. The treatment of the construction substrate should be thorough. Keeping in mind the characteristics of the reflective varnish can avoid the problem of more reflective varnish particles.