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Why Do Anti-collision Reflective Paints Bloom?
Sep 10, 2018

Anti-collision wall reflective paint is the cloud-like appearance of color spots, color blocks or different shades of color after construction. The anti-collision Reflective paint is generally applied to the primer because the topcoat is transparent and there is no coating embossing. The reasons for the formation of reflective paints are as follows:

1. Anti-collision wall reflective paint is not fully stirred after adding thinner, the consistency is not uniform, resulting in different shades after painting.

2. The thickness of the paint is not well grasped. The thin place does not completely cover the substrate under construction. The thick place appears to be too dark.

3. The substrate to be constructed is not flat. Under the action of light, unevenness causes different shades of color.

How to deal with the occurrence of flowering on the Reflective paint of the isolated pier road?

The reflective pattern of the Reflective paint on the isolated pier road will not only affect the service life of the Reflective paint, but also affect the aesthetic appearance of the coating. So how do you avoid the appearance of reflective paint?

First of all, pay attention to the addition of thinner, avoid adding too much thinner, resulting in the Reflective paint of the isolation pier road too thin, thus affecting the hiding power of the Reflective paint. Secondly, after adding the diluent, the Reflective paint should be thoroughly stirred, at least for 5-10 minutes. In addition, pay attention to the thickness of the brush during the construction process, and apply as much as possible to avoid the difference in color.

There are similar situations in the hairline of reflective barriers and other Reflective paints. Most of the factors are construction details. This is another important emphasis on the importance of Reflective paint construction.